Chainsaw Use 101

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Chainsaw use 101

December 13, 2017


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Where do I start?

Awesome! You now own a powerful tool in your arsenal that will come in handy on more that one occasion.  This is just the first series of tutorials in informational blogs on the use, safety, and purpose of your new tool.  Our goal is to educate the general public to protect their best interests.


First things first!

Don’t just run out and cut down a tree or go collecting firewood.  There are many laws that prohibit such activity throughout the US.  A


lways check with the land owner to identify what trees can be cut and if there are ant stump height requirements.  Even if you choose to go out on public land or national forest you may still need a permit to cut even the trees that litter the forest ground and seem to be rotting away.  Be sure to contact your local Forest Service office or Department of Wildlife representative to let them know what the proper steps are to removing, and cutting wood at your preferred location.




Now I know you have already filled up with oil and gas, attached the handle, located the trigger and pull cord… Not let’s fire it up!  WAIT! I know you are excited and it looks like fun, but trust me here.  Please read through or at least take a moment to review the warnings and instruction manual.  This may not only prevent you from losing a limb, but it will also help you protect others around you, and can provide some valuable information on maintaining the life of your new tool.  If you have not already filled up your new tool with fluids, a good time to do so would be after you have read the oil and gas requirements.  When filling up you new tool be sure it is on a level surface.  If you have a Chain Protect accessory for your chainsaw please follow the installation instructions.  A chain Protect is the perfect accessory to help level your chainsaw for maintenance insuring that the tool is stable and level.  If you don’t have one be sure to visit to get yours today.



Protective Clothing

A hard hat is recommended, and goggles will protect your eyes against flying splinters and chips. Because a power saw is noisy, you should wear hearing protectors. Leather gloves, hard-toe shoes, and timber chaps would help protect limbs that might come into contact with the chain. Do not wear slippery shoes or baggy clothing that could catch in the brush and cause you to fall; always watch your footing while working in the woods. 


Taking the same precautions that you would with your gasoline-powered lawnmower, stop the engine and do not smoke when refueling your chain saw. Do not spill gas on a hot engine. Use a filtering funnel or a gas can with a flexible hose to fill the fuel tank. Do not start the saw where you refuel it, and be extra cautious of fire during dry weather.


Carrying the Saw

Shut off the saw when carrying it from one tree to the next if working conditions are hazardous – heavy brush, slippery ground surface, or steep slopes. Carry the saw with the guide bar pointing to the rear, or point the bar to the front if you are going downhill.


First Aid

Even if you do not need an assistant, someone should be with you in case of an accident. Have the telephone number and address of the nearest emergency unit, and always carry a first-aid kit when you work in the woods. If someone is cut, cover the wound with a clean cloth and press hard to stop the flow of blood. Get the injured person to a doctor or hospital immediately.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about your new tool, you are more prepared now that when you opened the box for sure.  At Chain Protect we value our customers and want to ensure that everyone is safe and prepared.  There is no other tool or accessory on the market today that will provide chain saw safety the way that we will.  Be sure to get one today for anyone that you know that operates a chainsaw,


Your Chain Protect Team