Stump Vise Alternative

Stump Vise Alternative – The Chain Protect is the ideal alternative to the Stump Vise.  It is a far more superior, durable, and more capable chainsaw tool.  

Good Alternative to Stump Vise

In case you haven’t already, please browse around the site – we have many videos (informative and instructional), photos and blogs that show why the Chain Protect is such a useful tool.  It improves chainsaw maintenance, increases user safety, and provides stability… among the many other uses.  We offer a better product price, and the item is extremely durable.  

Stump Vise Alternative

So if you’re looking for an affordable product that offers safety and makes chainsaw maintenance a simple task, then you have come to the right place.  This is the perfect stump vise alternative and great for chainsaw operators of all skill levels.  Operating a chainsaw can be a very dangerous job – safety is always the priority.  

Easy Chainsaw Operation

Please view our site to get a very clear illustration of our product.  If you have any questions, please contact us.