Chainsaw Safety Chain & Protection Items.  Chainsaw operation safety and the life of your chainsaw matters – use Chain Protect for the ultimate in chainsaw safety and protection!


Chain Guard

This product acts as a chain guard for your chainsaw.  In addition to just chain protection, it has a variety of uses that all contribute to cutting efficiency, overall safety, and life of the chainsaw.  Most importantly, it protects the chain and eliminates any chance of burying the chain in dirt or striking the tip. 



Chainsaw Safety Chain

Think of it is your chainsaw safety chain protector!!  Chainsaw safety should be of the utmost importance to you, and cutters of all skill level should own one!  It’s all about safety, safety, safety! 



Additional Chainsaw Safety Info

We have a great deal of videos, photos, and instruction on our site.  Please browse around and get familiar with our product.  And, please contact us for any questions.