Chain Protector & Chainsaw Safety Products, from CHAIN PROTECT!  This is the absolute best chain protector for your chainsaw, and also acts as a multi-use chainsaw tool.   


In addition to chain protection, it provides a variety of safety and user features.  It prevents the user from accidentally burying the chain in dirt and reduces effort output.  It adds stability, especially during start up, and makes chainsaw adjustments much simpler and easier.  The best part, if your chain disengages, it wraps around the Chain Protect!! 


This chain protector is a must have for ALL chainsaw operators of ALL skill levels.  And, if safety is not enough for you, we have four colors to choose from – so you can cut in style too!  So, think safety…  think protection…  think CHAIN PROTECT!


Think of it as your “Knight in Shining Armor!”  It will always protect you!  There is an abundance of videos and photos on the site; please browse around and learn about our product.  If you have any product or usage questions, please contact us.