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Chainsaw Safety Products & Accessories

Chainsaw Safety Products

Chain Protect produces the ultimate in chainsaw safety products & accessories – Chain Protect is a safe and inexpensive way to maintain your chainsaw.  This product is designed to make bucking firewood, chain sharpening, bar adjustment, and starting your chainsaw an easier and safer experience – a necessary multi-purpose chainsaw accessory tool that every chainsaw user should own.  Most notably, Chain Protect is an excellent replacement for the Stump Vise.

Our chainsaw safety products are made of durable glass filled nylon, and are available in 4 colors!  And, it’s all made in the U.S.A.! 

Furthermore, if you have questions prior to or about a purchase, inquiries, or for more info please contact us.  


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Our product prevents the chain from striking the ground and dulling the chain, thus increasing time and effort needed to make cuts.  More notably, this requires additional maintenance and shortens the chain’s life.  Extend the life of your chainsaw with Chain Protect!



Many uses!  It assists in starting the chainsaw by acting as a stand!  This gives you stability, as well as keeps the chain moving above the ground.  A must have, multi-use chainsaw accessory tool.



You will find it easier to adjust and sharpen the chain.  Chain Protect acts as a stand, keeping the chainsaw level and steady.  No more wrestling with the saw!  Increase chainsaw operation effectiveness and ease of use!



If a loose chain becomes disengaged, it will wrap around the CHAIN PROTECT instead of potentially flying back and injuring you!  Don’t be one of the thousands of people a year who need emergency treatment from chainsaw injuries!!  A vital component for chainsaw safety and operator protection.

Chainsaw Protection 

Chain Protect was just awarded a full utility patent as of 12-20-16. 


Never attach or adjust the CHAIN PROTECT accessory while the chainsaw is running!


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